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A Visual Journey

Multi-talented artist André Boulard (aka "le Français, mon ami"), has been doing freelance work for the last 15 years, developing his skills to build a lucrative career in art. As a self-taught artist, showing natural talent with drawing portraits of people and animals, André was offered a free scholarship in 2011-2012 in the Visual Arts Foundation program at McKenzie College of Art & Design in Moncton, NB (Canada).

Very determined and disciplined, André has been sharpening his skills over the years in various styles and mediums. From traditional mediums, such as: graphite pencil, acrylic paint,  coloured pencils, inks, to digital painting; his versatility has allowed him to dab into different themes and experiences giving him a good understanding and appreciation for all art types.  

Originally from Montreal QC, André moved to the East Coast in Moncton, NB, where he has been growing a following.  He's been involved in several local festivities as a caricature artist, and even does private events and weddings. He even was hired to draw the entire staff of the Moncton Newcap Radio station (C103 and XL96 FM) in coloured digital caricatures, which can still be seen exhibited on the walls of the staff room. He is also sought out for his fan art, which he has been part of local and at broad comic conventions,  such as; the East Coast Comic Expo, Hal-Con, Montreal Comic-Con, Animaritimes, Geekfest, Dartmouth Comic Arts Festival.

André's passion is fuelled by the desire to create a positive impact in people's lives through his art, and actions, as well as making meaningful connections. He highly enjoys being able to give something that will bring people joy, memories, laughter and hope.  He finds himself in his element when doing portraits, especially of pets, where he feels the connection of the love between animal and their owners. Each animal has a soul, a unique personality and bring so much love and joy to people.  His focus has shifted on capturing the essence of people's "Furrever Friend", in a simplistic black and white graphite pencil. 

"Supporting  people and uplifting life with pet portrait in pencil where it matters  the most.A gift I have been given to give in ways to uplift the world. "

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