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"Long lasting Memories"
The art captures the image
The art captures the soul

Andre Boulard Art

Andre boulard Art
annette bourque caramel time lapse 3
annette bourque caramel time lapse 2
annette bourque caramel time lapse 1
annette bourque caramel timelapse full short


For commissions and details for orders contact me by email or facebook and I will be glad to help you out!

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Sandy R Hogan recommends Andre boulard.

He is absolutely amazing as a person and an artist.

His art is stunning. He actually captured our Padget’s spirit.

Matt Hayes recommends Andre boulard.

Andre drew up two drawings and they both blew me away! The guy has the work ethic like no other and his creations go to show that. Brilliant artists and even better guy

Georgette Popoff recommends Andre boulard.

I have always been extremely cautious when it comes to deposits for anything, but after reviewing his website and chatting through messenger, I took the plunge.

My close friend lost three pets this year. She is the most hardest person to buy for at Christmas, as she has everything.

Although Andre said he usually will not do three on a canvas, I convinced him, and art was born.

Pictures were sent and he chose the best profiles to work with. The finished piece was an absolute masterpiece. I sure cried happy tears.

Although I was worried about it being mailed, it arrived safe and sound to Edmonton, and I must say, packaged brilliantly, with no chance of it bending or compromising the piece.

I absolutely recommend this artist, and have been doing so

James Thomas Sutherland recommends Andre boulard.

André does amazing work! I would 10/10 recommend! I got two pieces commissioned of my two dogs and the pieces are gorgeous! he sent me update pictures as the work progressed and even finished pictures too! when he told me the pictures over Facebook didn't do the finished product justice I kind of laughed, because the pictures looked incredible.... he wasn't lying! The finished portraits in hand versus seeing them over Facebook is crazy! the attention to detail is really another level! I'd also like to add that when he ships you something, it shows up in pristine condition.

10/10 would order again!!!

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